FAQ # 1

“What kind of people participate in these relationships and get togethers?”


My experience overall has been that the couples involved in the DWC lifestyle have been especially pleasant, good natured people. By far the majority are professional people and successful business people.

A few of the occupations I have encountered inlcude: Corporate Executives and Managers, Teachers and Professors (and a school principal), Lawyers, Judges, Small Business Owners, of course Housewives, Artists, Musicians, Police Professionals, Real Estate Agents, Engineers, and Mental Health Professionals. This is a genuine and accurate description of people I have met who benefit from the DWC lifestyle.

FAQ # 2

“Will letting other women spank my husband lead to temptation or involvement outside the marriage?”


In my experience the men who participate in the DWC lifestyle tend to be far more devoted and committed to their partners than in the average relationship. I often see and hear the heartfelt, deep appreciation they have for their women. Many of the men I hear from desperately want their wives to be involved in the DWC lifestyle and many others want very much to participate in expanded spanking related social activities.

I am pointing out that usually the men are grateful for that kind of disciplinary attention. If their wives eventually join into the full spirit of it and go to an occasional party with them it is also not usually taken for granted.

If you feel insecure in your relationship, or there is a real problem, trouble could happen anywhere. I am not promising that DWC activities are either a cure for problems or a guarantee against them. I will say sincerely that for some men this is more than a whim or a preference, it is a need. If that is the case in your relationship, think carefully when you decide what you are and are not willing to try.

FAQ # 3

“What is in it for me if I attend to my husband’s disciplinary needs?”


In my home I expect to always be treated with respect and thoughtfulness. That is the basis of the whole relationship. Your home should be the same way. Good old fashioned spanking goes a long way to help men become sweeter and more considerate. But, you should not have to specifically request nice things or spend too much of your time “enforcing good behavior”. Your husband should, and probably will be, motivated to please you in any way he can.

Make no mistake about this. EVERY DAY I get letters from men who want to get their wives to spank and discipline them. I always answer the same way. I tell them that first they need to change their mindset and instead of thinking about getting their needs or fantasy fulfilled they should spend all of that energy figuring out what ever it takes to bring their wives happiness and pleasure.

This is not a one time event. This is meant to be the beginning of a permanent attitude change. My advice to them is that once they succeed in making their wives understand that they are sincerely committed to her happiness, with no strings attached, there is a much greater possibility that she will be motivated to fulfill their special needs as well. The good news is that loving attention by the husband is almost guaranteed to inspire the wife to return that kind of energy. Spanking aside this is a powerful formula for good relationships.

FAQ # 4

“I cannot get my wife interested in spanking me. I have asked her about it several times but she doesn’t seem willling or interested”.


This is the most common thing I hear from men and I could go on and on about it, but I will try to be brief.

First of all, let’s look at the facts. Men in our culture are generally raised with the idea that everything should be done for them, or some variation on that theme. But they also realize that is the definition of a Brat! That is why the best of them acknowledge and ask for spanking. Too bad they will never change enough to the point that they no longer require over-the-knee reminders of this. The problem is that men who feel thus entitled can be overly insistent and demanding about their spanking desires.

There is not one simple solution but I see it as all about relationships. Men, you must first and foremost work on your attitude of entitlement. Commit privately to make an attitude change within yourself to one where your goal is to please your partner. If you can make the shift, on a long term basis, to putting her needs, wishes and desires first (that means before yours), you might be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

Communication is the basis of relationship. No one likes to be blamed, put down, ignored or in any way made to feel less than her partner. Open communication is a lot more than just telling her what You want. It is about hearing and deeply feeling what she wants. Simply, you have to give to get in this world.

If your partner is too “strictly moral” to get into spanking with you, the above advice will still lead to a much happier time together. She might become open enough to approve your occassional visit to a Pro and might over time be willing to accompany you and learn a bit, who knows?

FAQ # 5

“I am willing to get into spanking my husband, but I don’t know how to begin or lack the confidence”.


I have documents from a variety of sources on other parts of my web page which might be helpful to you. Look under “Tips and Methods”

Attitude is the whole thing in spanking a man. You can work on improving your techniques over time, but you have to start with the right attitude.

Think about it. How many times and in how many ways has he shown you that he is basically a spoiled brat, little boy, in a grown mans body? A million, two million? That’s what you are dealing with and if our world wasn’t so confused it would be normal for the woman of the house to wield the moral authority and the hairbrush without a second thought.

You will eventually be able to take him up on what he is asking for and without hesitation order him to take his spankings. Do not worry about how much it hurts his bottom. Just leave that out of your mind and be sure to always spank him quite soundly. He may complain, but hey, that’s what he has been asking for. If he complains, give him some extra.

Most of all, be patient with yourself. Don’t get into judging “your performance”. He is lucky to have you give him this kind of attention and what ever you do with him is A-OK and be sure he thanks you every time. Don’t get overly concerned about matching his long held fantasies, just get him across your knee or how ever you like to do it and spank the insolence out of him until you have a sweet, pleasant man in your home.

FAQ # 6

“Is it best to reserve all spanking for disciplinary purposes in a DWC home?”


Oh, I hope not! While our theme is indeed proper discipline by wives, we are all about having fun and good times. Even the creation of a DWC home should be desirable for both parties. In reality, most of us love to do role plays, creative scenarios, or just have a spanking session for no reason other than “general principles”, such as “you must have gotten away with more than I’ll ever know, so into the bedroom with you”.

On occasion we will attend a party where there is more likely to just be a lot of spanking going on with only very occasional role playing.



  1. I have been away for a while and decided to order some material from you (“Scolding”, “DWC Contract”, etc.) and was disappointed that the site was down. I then came across this WordPress site and wondered why the products had disappeared. Can you tell me if I can still buy any of these products anywhere?


  2. Thank you for your site. I need some information. I am legitimately trying to work things out with a beautiful strict asian woman who I worship. My ex actually. My ex wife read much here and I am now in training. She is whipping and paddling my sore bottom every morning for a week while she makes her points. I am on the 3rd morning now and my cheeks are sore swollen and red as I struggle to sit at work. I was worried about the condition of my skin and worried I should put something on it. I will be spanked hard again tomorrow morning. And the next and so on. Do I need to put lotion or anything when I am getting taught lessons on my bottom over days and days? I have never been spanked like this and do not know what to expect from my body.


    1. I think that you should discuss this with your ex-wife. It looks like it that the sore bottom and the problem with sitting at work is part of the deal right now. As long as it is consensual this is what you are currently facing. What have you done to deserve this?


      1. Im sorry I forgot to mention that she instructed me to post this when I asked her about my sore bottom. I have been very lazy and naughty our whole marriage and post marriage relashionship. I have been making more money recently and my behavior and spending has been worse. We were about to separate again and she found this site. It does seem like a fit for us and may actually lead to taking vows again. Although I will be standing there with a red bottom this time im sure. Thank you for the reply. She is emphatically spelling out the details of our new life right on my bottom for the next week and I have no experience getting spanked.


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