The Disciplinary Wives Club (DWC) was an organization that supported couples, who are practicing, or are considering practicing, a domestic discipline lifestyle, where the wife or female partner (or designated partner in same sex couples is the head of the household. The DWC also provided support for individuals who would like to find a partner with whom to practice the lifestyle.

While each DWC couple practices the lifestyle in their own way, the lifestyle generally involves the wifevbeing in charge of some, or all, aspects of the couple’s relationship. The husband (or male partner) isvexpected to follow certain behavioral rules set by the wife, and when he does not, he is disciplined by the wife. While that discipline can take a variety of forms, the most common form of discipline is spanking.

Unlike spanking play or BDSM, the discipline administered by the wife in a DWC relationship is not foreplay or directly sexual, but is for behavioral modification. Generally, it is the husband that initiates discussion about adopting the lifestyle, and the men in the lifestyle are the ones who desire to be disciplined.

Most men in the lifestyle have what would be considered a spanking fetish, in addition to a need to be disciplined.

The organization was started in 1994 by Aunt Kay and her husband Jerry, who, in adopting the lifestyle themselves, discovered there was very little support or material to assist them. In 2014 the site disappeared. Over the years, they have helped thousands of couples and individuals.

Here, you can find some pages of the DWC’s website rescued from oblivion, that at the time provided support material, including howto sections and instructive letters from those actually practicing the lifestyle.



  1. Thanks for setting up this site! I know that many of us were sad to see Aunt Kay and Jerry retire from their active “public” role in the Disciplinary Wife community. But, at least we now have a good portion of their site archived for reference purpose.


  2. I hope you will consider doing a review of my book: Real Women Don’t Do Housework


  3. Dear friends of this community,

    I am seeking advice.

    I have been living in a female led relationship while staying at home doing housework she had the better job and took over finances. I sometimes feel lazy in my household responsibilities. I would like to try a lifestyle where I am expected and punished for not meeting expectations. I feel it will greatly benefit us both. We talk openly about anything and everything but for some reason I am very nervous in bringing this up with her. She frequently smacks my bottom and says its nice, we partake in birthday spankings and playful pats when she gets ahold of a wooden spoon in the kitchen. I know she has it in her to demand but I feel like she wouldn’t want to feel like a witch. I would love the motivation and pride in serving her fully and being held accountable for failure.

    Any advice on breaking the ice? Bringing up a list to go by? Pretty unsure of how to go about this.


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