New Years Day (Starting the year off right)!

Before last night, I had disciplined my husband on a number of occasions, but always at his request, using the instruments he suggested (my hand, a gym slipper and a table tennis bat). I think that neither of us found these sessions satisfactory. I always felt that he retained control, and that I could not let myself go for fear of hurting him too much or even injuring him.

My husband went into work one day during the holidays, and asked me to collect him by car. I found him in his office, ‘playing’ on the internet. He told me that I would need to wait whilst he went off on an errand, and that he had found some information which would interest me. He left me reading the web pages of the Disciplinary Wives Club! I was amazed to discover that so many wives felt like me, and found the advice given excellent, particularly with respect to maintaining control and erring towards severity. The page encourages readers to e-mail Kay personally. I have done so, and her support has given me the courage to act, as described below.

After our visitors left on New Years Morning, my husband and I had the house to ourselves. All evening, I had been thinking about what I was going to do, planning, and hoping I would find the courage to carry it through. My husband, typically, was lounging about in the kitchen rather than helping to clear up. Concealing my nervousness, I instructed him firmly to come into the sitting room, and to fetch two hard-backed dining room chairs. He looked surprised, but guessed what was happening. To my relief, he complied. I felt that once he had accepted my first order, I had begun to establish control.

I sat down, and, when he began to sit next to me, ordered him to remain standing. I then told him that I was not satisfied with his conduct, particularly his lack of support when we entertained visitors, and that I had decided to punish him severely. Whilst being punished, he was not to speak unless spoken to, addressing me as ‘Miss’, and was to obey all instructions instantly. I then pulled out the punishment instrument, a large beach paddle made of plywood, about a quarter of an inch thick and 18 inches long, considerably heavier than the table tennis paddle which he had previously asked me to use. My husband began to look distinctly nervous at this point, realizing, at last, what he had let himself in for when he showed me the Disciplinary Wives Club site!

I ordered my husband to strip down to his underpants. I could see that he was still enjoying the situation, and wondered how long his pleasure would continue. I made him place his hands in front of him, and tied his wrists together with some old tights which I had brought down for this purpose. Hubbie is considerably stronger than me, and I needed complete control.

I placed the two chairs together, side by side, sat down on the right-hand chair and instructed my husband to bend over my knee. Because his hands were tied, he did this with a little difficulty, resting his torso on the second chair.

Even the early strokes produced gasps and wriggling. I gradually, increased the length of my swing until my husband jerked about so vigorously that I had to press down firmly in order to keep him in position. At this point my feelings of exhilaration overcame. My husband, forgetting the instruction not to speak, complained bitterly. Of course, I lost no time in pointing out his disobedience and subjected him additional hard strokes which I dished out slowly. My naughty boy took this discipline remarkably well, although he continued to moan and wriggle.

My husband’s bottom and upper thighs had been turned bright red, but, to my surprise, I could see no bruises. He accepted his punishment in good spirits, and I informed him that he was forgiven. I am thinking of buying a cane.




  1. My wife has used a cane on me for some time but recently picked up a leather strap at a flea market that has a dozen or so long seperate leather strips – kinda looks like a flogger type.
    It is by far the worst! Without much effort on her part it lit up my rear like nothing ever has – OOOCH!


  2. i’d advise that you purchase that cane ma’am. My wife has used one for more severe or repeat offences and there is no doubt that the cane is the one implement I really respect. “Fetch my cane mister” are the words I dread the most..


  3. My wife found out I was visiting a B and D parlour. She took over my punishment and a few days later I was caned. She regularly canes me me now if I upset her.


  4. My wife has a modified fraternity paddle hanging in the kitchen wall. She had used it on me a couple of times and then ordered me to saw a few inches off so she could use it on my bottom in over the knee position . Its shorter size stings more than ever because she can bring it up way over head on the backswing. When we have company she uses it a a bread cutting board disgraziato


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