The Disciplinary Wives Club is exclusively about “good old fashioned” spanking in the context of a couples relationship. We are an adult site designed for the promotion of spanking, by wives and other committed feminine partners, of their needy “Bad Boys”.

This is not a sexually explicit site and we do not advocate or advertise activities of a sexual or sadomastochistic nature. You will however, find among our recommended Links, sites and people who do include S&M, B&D etc. Many of these people are good friends of ours and we support their play styles completely. It is simply our preference, for this site, to remain focused on the spanking part of relationships.

We are a 100% reality-based site. We are here to support real couples who condsider spanking important to their relationships. We aim to validate our mutual lifestyles, assist couples who are beginning this activity in their relationship, and help make real-life connections between couples of this nature.

A relationship where the woman of the house applies discipline to the men in her life, whenever and how ever she sees fit, is a happier, healthier and better world. Whether for fun or for a real discipline session, regular spanking of the men in the house is a good practice if you want to maintain a wholesome and loving relationship.

The staff of the DWC is committed above all else to total integrity and honesty. All personal communication with Aunt Kay is treated as totally confidential unless it has been submitted specifically for distribution. If you share an interesting anecdote with me I will ask you if I may discuss it.

I am always willing to “sanitize” anecdotes for privacy, if that is your preference. No information about you will be released to any other party or organization under any circumstances. We have had the opportunity to play in real life with some high profile people in the community and our privacy fanaticism is a comfort to them.


  1. Aunt Kay, I’m a divorced male who believes in the superiority of women and craves discipline. I would love to meet a female disciplinarian with the goal of marriage if we were compatible. Does your site offer any such opportunities? Thank You. roger


  2. The wives are, in effect, often assuming a maternal disciplinary role, as well they should. A lot of men still have that naughty boy hidden within and it his her job to reach it and treat him accordingly. This applies to both fun and disciplinary spankings and role-playing. More than one lady insists on being addressed as “Mommy” when she has her naughty boy over her knee, which is appropriate.
    A minor point: I don’t discount the application of a firm feminine hand as both discipline and fun, it can be surprisingly effective, depending on her skill.
    I’m glad to see this club has reopened here, as I hated to see the old site shut down.


  3. I’m about to introduce my wife to the DWC philosophy, and in particular, the spanking part of discipline. She might eventually go for it, but she might be a little hesitant in the beginning. Is there a way to introduce that to her and make her feel that it’s the right thing to do and to feel good about giving it?


    1. Let her know that you have a psychological need to receive discipline, and she is the only one who can provide it. My wife was hesitant at first, but now she is right into it


  4. Love this site hard to find a site about this that is not all fictional porn. The wife is new to this but she found out quickly that she is good at keeping me in line. Any chat rooms around that talk about Dd ? We are new to this and have been married close to 20 years.


  5. I am from southern India and have been married for about 6 months. My wife is very conservative and is accustomed to the culture where men are superior. She cannot even get angry at me whn I am in the wrong. I know I deserve being disciplined and have told her but she thinks I am weird. What to do?


  6. I haven’t seen anything about what it is to be subject to a truly domiinant woman, one who doesn’t resort to long , ridiculous demands, such as , “get over my knee, or “get over here”, or
    “get those pants off!”, or stuff like that. When the situation calls for it, she would come over quickly, slap your face, take you by the ear, quickly and roughly walk you over to the nearest chair, rip off your pants and beat your bare behind with the first spanking implement she could find, until you are crying real, copious tears, until she is satisfied. That is the way I have always
    been spanked, by my mother, and my wife .No canned speeches or requests. They did it all from the very beginning, and never without a good reason, and it left me with a real respect for her desires. It is not a GAME!


  7. My wife instituted some very clear and not unreasonable rules as to what kind of behavior would constitute a disciplinary spanking. Recently I made some off color remarks when visiting her sister. Over the years all of the spankings have been administered at home in private. This time she asked her sister to excuse us while she ” adjusted my attitude”. I was really surprised but thought better of arguing for fear of my wife offering more details about what I had coming. She led me to the bathroom where she scolded me as I was just focused on how embarrassing it was to be treated like a kid at someone’s house. Then she began washing her hands and without warning she grabbed my ear, twisted it and as I yepled she stuck the soap in my mouth. She told me to bite down and said if I spit it out I would be really sorry. Then she took me to the bedroom lowered my pants and spanked me with a hair brush she carries in her purse. I tried not to cry out but i did. When we came back to the room where my sister in law was, all she said was “very interesting”


  8. Hello. I’m new to this. My husband has recently come to me asking me to not only spank him, but become the dominant party in the bedroom. He feels he “controls” enough of our day to day life and wants me to take over our bedroom. I am quite willing and am excited about the possibilitys that lay ahead. I have questions… I’m doing research…. but for now am going with what I feel comfortable with. Last night I
    set clear guide lines for which I expect him to follow to get results. one major question I have right now is the spanking is the punishment for not doing what I ask. I want him to listen, he wants to be spanked, should it be reversed? using the spanking as reward? He wants me to have complete control. Should I ask him how he views it…. Just wondering…..


    1. Jessica,
      Your husband has opened the door to this lifestyle and you need to go through that door. There is an old saying that you need to grab the bull by the horns. A take charge woman says, I’m going to grab the bull by the balls! YOU NEED TO GRAB THE BULL BY THE BALLS!! You need to grab your husband by the balls and take charge!
      I suggest you read the stories at this site several times and read the section on Tips and Methods several times. You should read my husband’s response, Richard, to the Disciplinary Wives Council. I’m telling you the best way to spank your husband is with him naked and you dressed. You want complete control of the situation and having him naked takes away his power, even if he gets an erection. In fact, I love it when Richard gets an erection. What do I do? I enjoy the view!! I love looking at a naked man with a hard cock! lol Remember that you are in charge and if anyone gets embarrassed it will be your husband. This is even more true if other woman are watching. Why? He has a hard cock in front of other woman and he is under your control, there will be no sex after the spanking, and he has to stand there naked and show all you ladies the Full Monty! Enjoy the view!! lol
      I suggest you grab your husband by the balls and tell him you are taking control of the marriage, period. He will no longer make any decisions and he can only give his opinion when asked and you will be in complete control in the bedroom ( I told Richard years ago that he only needs to remember two things in the bedroom, 1. He needs to get on his back and be ready to be mounted, 2. He needs to get his cock hard and keep it hard as long as he can.)
      Your husband needs to say, “Yes, dear and no dear” on a regular basis. How to get him to do that? You demand it from him and give his naked ass frequent spankings! When you get done spanking him he should have tears running down his face, his ass cheeks red hot and you should have a big smile on your face! Just because you are mad when you start the spanking doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself! Enjoy spanking your husband!

      PS I will tell you a secret about erections. I enjoy seeing a naked man with a hard cock but what is just as enjoyable is taking away his erection. I love it when a naked man is standing in front of me with a hard cock. I love feeling his hard cock against my thigh when he gets in the OTK position. I love feeling his cock go SOFT as I spank his ass! And I love it when I’m done spanking him and he stands up with tears running down his face, putting his hands on his hot buns and his cock is limp like a wet noodle!! I love ruining a man’s erection!!!!!! That is control and power!! And just fun to do! lol



  9. In response to Sharon and her advice on taking charge of a husband:
    Sharon, If Richard is ever kidnapped by gypsies will you marry me?!! ;)


  10. Husbands must be disciplined. When my man
    returns home from work.He must walk around
    the house in the nude. After dinner (I Made)
    he must clean up the dishes . If he does not
    finish his choirs just the way I want he will
    be spanked.Some days he must walk around
    wearing women’s underpants.Wednesdays
    Saturdays its date night we dress up and go
    out dinner or dance . When we return home
    its his turn to discipline me . We just love
    our roll playing.


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