The Disciplinary Wives Club is exclusively about “good old fashioned” spanking in the context of a couples relationship. We are an adult site designed for the promotion of spanking, by wives and other committed feminine partners, of their needy “Bad Boys”.

This is not a sexually explicit site and we do not advocate or advertise activities of a sexual or sadomastochistic nature. You will however, find among our recommended Links, sites and people who do include S&M, B&D etc. Many of these people are good friends of ours and we support their play styles completely. It is simply our preference, for this site, to remain focused on the spanking part of relationships.

We are a 100% reality-based site. We are here to support real couples who condsider spanking important to their relationships. We aim to validate our mutual lifestyles, assist couples who are beginning this activity in their relationship, and help make real-life connections between couples of this nature.

A relationship where the woman of the house applies discipline to the men in her life, whenever and how ever she sees fit, is a happier, healthier and better world. Whether for fun or for a real discipline session, regular spanking of the men in the house is a good practice if you want to maintain a wholesome and loving relationship.

The staff of the DWC is committed above all else to total integrity and honesty. All personal communication with Aunt Kay is treated as totally confidential unless it has been submitted specifically for distribution. If you share an interesting anecdote with me I will ask you if I may discuss it.

I am always willing to “sanitize” anecdotes for privacy, if that is your preference. No information about you will be released to any other party or organization under any circumstances. We have had the opportunity to play in real life with some high profile people in the community and our privacy fanaticism is a comfort to them.


  1. Aunt Kay, I’m a divorced male who believes in the superiority of women and craves discipline. I would love to meet a female disciplinarian with the goal of marriage if we were compatible. Does your site offer any such opportunities? Thank You. roger


  2. The wives are, in effect, often assuming a maternal disciplinary role, as well they should. A lot of men still have that naughty boy hidden within and it his her job to reach it and treat him accordingly. This applies to both fun and disciplinary spankings and role-playing. More than one lady insists on being addressed as “Mommy” when she has her naughty boy over her knee, which is appropriate.
    A minor point: I don’t discount the application of a firm feminine hand as both discipline and fun, it can be surprisingly effective, depending on her skill.
    I’m glad to see this club has reopened here, as I hated to see the old site shut down.


  3. I’m about to introduce my wife to the DWC philosophy, and in particular, the spanking part of discipline. She might eventually go for it, but she might be a little hesitant in the beginning. Is there a way to introduce that to her and make her feel that it’s the right thing to do and to feel good about giving it?


    1. Let her know that you have a psychological need to receive discipline, and she is the only one who can provide it. My wife was hesitant at first, but now she is right into it


  4. Love this site hard to find a site about this that is not all fictional porn. The wife is new to this but she found out quickly that she is good at keeping me in line. Any chat rooms around that talk about Dd ? We are new to this and have been married close to 20 years.


  5. I am from southern India and have been married for about 6 months. My wife is very conservative and is accustomed to the culture where men are superior. She cannot even get angry at me whn I am in the wrong. I know I deserve being disciplined and have told her but she thinks I am weird. What to do?


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